Carved glass with an oak leaf pattern was incorporated into a 25 ft. divider that separates the windows and a wood sculpture from people walking into the room. The divider offers a sense of privacy and solitude to those seated. The free-form carved glass in the divider was created from 3/8" laminated glass.
For those who desire solitude....
Detail of the carved oak leaf  glass.
Carved Glass for the Sanctary
and the Chapel at LaCrosse
Lutheran Hospital - Gundersen Clinic

Wausau, WI 54403
In this quiet setting, patients, families and employees of all faith traditions may find the spiritual comfort they need to endure times of great difficulty or stress. The Sanctuary is meant to add dimensions of spirituality and faith to the healing of the whole person. All are welcome here for reflection, meditation and solitude, surrounded by familiar symbols carved in glass.

The Window of Tranquility, created by Denis Daniels of Wausau, Wisconsin, is a series of 14 carved 3 ft. x 6 ft. glass panels. Together they depict a Mississippi Valley landscape, including the river, shoreline, trees, distant bluffs and animals and plants of the region. Religious symbols representing many faith traditions are interspersed in this tableau, which also honors Native Americans' reverence for nature.
...And the Chapel
The Hospital Chapel has our carved glass doors at the main entrance and the patio entrance (pictured) depict a variety of religions, beliefs and cultures.