Adding ETCHED GLASS DIVIDERS can change your restaurant, bar or diner overnight. They add privacy without closing off an area and will keep your name or theme in front of your customers. 
BEFORE - Heavy, dark and dated booth dividers are high maintenance.
                                                  Chipper's Grill - Streator, Illinois
AFTER - Etched glass dividers are light, bright and contemporary.
Easy to install, easy to maintain.
Custom made with your logo or theme permanently etched into them. Made from 1/4" TEMPERED  SAFETY GLASS with polished edges. Safe and beautiful.

We help you with getting the dividers you want to fit in the places you want them.

Support posts are available in stock sizes of 12", 18" and 24" .Choose from eight different finishes to match your decor. Custom sizes are also available.
Woodland Glass Arts Ltd.
               Wausau, Wisconsin
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