Etched Antique Reproduction Windows 
Our reproductions of windows are actually made from original old windows. The new ones are made on 1/8" tempered glass so the chances of breaking again are minimal. We can trim them slightly to offer a range of sizes. They are available within the size limitations noted, but if you need a different size, in some cases we can get creative with what we do with the borders. It depends on the pattern you would like and the size you need. Just give us a call. 715-845-3830
Window #1 
width 22" -25"
height 20" - 24"
Window #2
width 21" - 24"
height 21" - 30"
Window #3
width 18" - 24"
height 24" - 40"
Window #4
width 20" - 26"
height 26" - 32"
Window #5
width 18" - 20"
height 22" - 28"
 Etched Antique Style Glass 
 Window and door restorations and replacements
Wausau, WI 54403
Call 715-845-3830
Window #6
width 20" - 23"
height 25"
Window #7
    (Niagra Falls)
width 20" - 24"
height 28" - 34"
Only $ 189.00 
to replace a broken antique window with one of our stock patterns, but this time it's on TEMPERED GLASS !

This is what a broken heirloom door glass looks like when we get our hands on it. 

Below is a completely restored version of the same glass available for you today.
Window #8
(elk scene)
width 22"
height 24"
(This can be reduced as needed by quite a bit due to the border design.)
Window #9
21" X 31" or any size smaller
Call us with your glass size and choice of design. It's that easy!
These can also be made into 2-layer insulated glass for outside doors
Ask for prices depending on size and total thickness of the insulated unit.
Window #10 - Lady in a garden
width 18" - 23"   height 21" - 24"
Window #11 - Texas steers
width 19" - 24"
height 26" - 36"
Window #12 - Lone deer
width 16" - 22"
height 26"
White areas on the windows shown are etched glass, dark areas are clear glass.
Check your homeowners insurance policy!
Often, part or all of the replacement cost for a broken antique window may be covered.
Glue-chipped window above not included in $ 189 special
We have the glass out of the box and INSTALLED!!!!! It is perfect. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Clara H.,   Kansas
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Custom glass etching in Wisconsin, shipped around the world.
Window #13
width  23" - 28"
height 25" - 32"
Window #14
width  16"  - 24"
height  23" - 30
Just wanted to let you know we received the window and it is AMAZING! We are so thankful we found you. It's stunning....You do amazing work. We are so happy.
Justin S.     N.Y., N.Y.
Window #15
width 20" - 24"
height 24" - 28"
The window arrived yesterday and I am so impressed with the results. The window was just as I had remembered the original, but now on tempered glass. I can't wait to install it in the door of the house my grandfather buiilt. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and professional service.

Chris P.

Window # 16
width 18" - 22"
Height 30" - 34"
If your window is larger than the size range of the designs we offer, we can add an antique border to make our designs fit your opening.
Slight added charge for this service.

Window #17           1885 Queen Anne pattern
width 30"                Larger sizes available in
height  36"               both height and width.

Window #18   Fishing in the Mountains
width  21" to 24"
height 24" - 30"
 (Center scene is recently antique style)
One-Of-A-Kind Images

Do you have something cracked that is old and real special that you want duplicated on tempered glass? These two beauties were from New England and are reproductions we made of original 1870's windows.