This large ( 4ft. x 10ft. ) etched mirror hangs in the lounge area of the Old Oak Inn, in Soldiers Grove, WI. The pictures are of today's local residents dressed in costumes of the late 1800's when the Inn, formerly a residential mansion, was constructed. We photographed the cooperating townspeople and etched their faces "on location in 1898" using a shaded etching technique. The people are pictured on the lawn  with the Old Oak Inn behind.
Today, the Old Oak Inn is an exceptional B & B. www.theoldoakinn.net.www.theoldoakinn.net  
WE LIKE CHALLENGES...Each year goes by and something more unique comes up. Like the Old Oak Inn project. We loved the concept of people participating in a work of art...and they loved it too. We can put your picture on glass or mirrors! 

THE HOTEL BOSCOBEL in Boscobel, WI., is the birthplace of the Gideon Bible. We installed two of these 7 foot stained glass transom panels in the entrance lobby of this historic building.
The Gundersen Lutheran Hospital

240 square feet of dimensionally carved glass for
A room of reflection in the Cancer Care Center of Gundersen Lutheran Clinic and Hospital in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The half inch thick laminated and carved glass covers the windows with a scene of the Mississippi River, the shore, the surrounding forest and background bluffs. Overlaying the scene are more than 80 symbols depicting world religions, cultures
and Ho-Chunk Nation clans.
The panels are over six feet in height

            Aum                                      Ho-Chunk Elk Clan                                       Star of David
                                                                        (Details from carved glass panels.)
St. Peter's Keys
Hit this button for interior views of the Sanctuary with our 25 ft.
carved oak leaf room divider and the chapel at LaCrosse
Lutheran Hospital..............
Church Windows
Residence & Business
Presentation Pieces
Gun Cabinets
Restaurant Dividers
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antique window replacements
The Marathon County Historical Society asked us to create the leaded clear glass windows to border this 1914 stained glass window in the center. The stained glass is an original from the house and the clear leaded glass frame border we created matches the original style of the glass in the entrance of this historic building.
A  portrait of a young lady carved in 1/2" glass is sure to become a family heirloom.
Marathon County Historical Society
Wausau, Wisconsin
THE MONS ANDERSON HOUSE in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is on the National Historic Record. We created this interior door glass by using a variety of etching and dimensional glass carving techniques.
Walls of Wittenberg asked us to restore the windows in their historic1884 WOWSpace building in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. We started out with only a broken piece of the original etched glass center and recreated it into the full size windows. Adding the stained glass border brought the windows back to their original sparkle.
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O.K., They are only exit signs, but they are for the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. These are green carved glass with gold leaf overlay.
We were asked to participate in the restoration of this historic theater in Wausau, Wisconsin by creating new windows for the front of the building. We were honored to be involved in this project. Our windows replicate ones that were installed in the entrance in 1927.
Etched Glass, Stained Glass Windows and Carved Glass for Historical Restorations

Beautiful art glass restorations or
new creations for theatre,
county building, church, hospital or
COUNTRY GARDEN RESTAURANT in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, has our etched mirror showing the west side of Main Street of that same town. Or should I say, what used to be Main Street. Because of perpetual flooding of the Kickapoo River that the town was built around. the entire business district was abandoned and much of the business moved to an uphill area about 3/4 mile away. All of the buildings on both sides of the street were razed and the area was turned into a park.

Woodland Glass Arts Ltd. was part of that exciting adventure as our first building (smaller picture) was right on Main Street. The entire new town became the first solar business district in the nation as all of the newly constructed buildings were solar heated including our new glass studio. The mirror was installed in 1982, six years after we started.
Woodland Glass Arts Ltd. (above )