ETCHED GLASS WILDLIFE ART has always been one of our strong points. Over the years we have been a source for various wildlife organizations and mail order catalogs as well as people who just love wildlife. Our techniques include glass carving, solid etching and the art of 3-dimensional shaded glass etching that we have become so well known for.
                                                   RIVER FAMILY
A shaded wildlife etching consisting of 8 four foot panels of 1/4" laminated safety glass depicting 28 different creatures in their natural riverbank setting. Originally in the Manhattan Landing Restaurant, now installed at Quail Run Country Club in Richland Center, WI.
The original mount is on display at the Moccasin Bar in Hayward, WI. We photographed it and made this large, shade-etched mirror which we donated to "Fishing Has No Boundaries", also in Hayward.

THIS STATELY WHITETAIL BUCK commissioned by WTU in Sturgeon Bay, WI., as a fund raiser, is solid etching with a stained glass border. One of hundreds of pieces we have made for this organization over the years.
GRAY WOLF (detail)
We did an ethereal northern Minnesota scene in shaded etching depicting a wolf and a moose in their natural surroundings. It was designed on French doors for a private residence.
A WHITETAIL DEER AND WILD TURKEY is the theme of this year's coffee table. An area sportsman's club orders one of these annually.

...have purchased etched wildlife mirrors and glass carvings from us for many years to use as fundraisers at their gatherings around the state. They must have done well with them as they ran a very complimentary article about us in their publication, Wisconsin Conservation. This peaceful etched loon is just one of the mirrors.
GUN CABINET doors really look sharp with custom etched wildlife.
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WOODCRAFTERS call on us for a wide variety of art glass to compliment their projects. This walnut table commission required an irregular glass insert made from 3/8 inch plate glass. We cut the shape, then dimensionally carved oriental goldfish on the underside, then added shaded etched lily pads on the top.
WILD WINGS mail order company ordered glass table tops from us with a scene of ducks flying over cattails. This is one of hundreds that we have made for various entities over the years.
A GREAT HORNED OWL is startled from its daytime hideaway in this large etched mirror that was made for the Manhattan Landing Restaurant on the banks of the Wisconsin
River in Boscobel, Wisconsin
A RACCOON sits on an oak branch in this etched mirror. This was another purchased by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.
What form of wildlife art would you like us to make for you?
A mirror or perhaps a room divider? How about a glass for your front door or a replacement for that glass top table. It costs less than you imagine...
TROPICAL FISH swim all over this door that is used as the entrance to the aquarium sales area of Chet's in Richland Center, WI.
DOLPHINS bursting from  an ocean wave are etched on a plate glass mirror that now hangs in a home on the New Jersey coast. Almost  5 ft. x 6 ft., this creation is one of many jobs that we were awarded with when the client found our web site.
Wausau, WI 54403
AN ELK stands in a mountain pasture. This detail is from a front door we created for a home in Wyoming. (The dark area in the sky is a reflexion.) If you are interested in an antique-looking elk for a door or window, click below.
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BOWHUNTERS will love this mirror. A buck and a doe in a woodland scene with "THE" arrow encased below. All oak frame.
A ROOM DIVIDER with elk, mountains and pine trees titled "Little Montana Ranch" is this Wisconsin couples escape. We gave them a piece of a Rocky Mountain landscape for their home.
glass, stained and leaded          glass, carved, etched, ornamental
Real white pine branches were used to create the border on this striking mountain elk scene for decorative glass windows in Wisconsin. This insulated unit is energy effecient as well as beautiful.
A BLACK BEAR roams away from the tamarack swamp in this mirror made for the homeowners "Tamarack Lounge" rec room  bar.
WOW! There aren't words to express the talent that went into the Musky etched mirror. We just had to write and tell you how impressed and excited we are.

Fishing  has no Boundaries
We are very impressed with the way you captured exactly what we described to you.
Great job packing and shipping...they arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you for your great service and sharing your talent
                                                                                                    Kara and Jared
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Whitetails Unlimited
Fishing Has No Boundaries
Cape buffalo, white rhino, elephant and leopard make this a pretty awsome set to go along with the glass carving of a lion we did for a big game hunter in South Caroloina. We came up with many new innovative treatments of the glass texture to pull this off. We work with you and for you to get you the images you want.
a painted turtle in a river setting take this 60" door glass out of the ordinary. Created for a nature lover's home in Iowa.
on this door for a home in Minnesota.
A large mirror of a black bear for the Bear Creek Inn.
STORMY TAKE OFF - GREAT WHITE EGRET is spooked and bursts from the water in this large, half inch thick dimensional glass carving. It is a focal point in the reception office of Dr. Jennifer Havel in Wausau, Wisconsin.
A sorority memorial stained glass owl.
A  HOME ENTRANCE that will stop them in the street. Mallards flying overhead and a whitetail buck and doe on the main entrance doors.
COLOSSAL FOSSILS is a non-profit teaching museum that opened up in the Wausau Center Mall in Wausau, Wisconsin. Why is this table-top sign on our wildlife page?
That's a T-Rex carved into the glass!
features two panels of our etched wildlife glass. Our popular 'rubbing buck' and three mallard ducks heading for their home pond.
Here is an etched scene for the home entry way of a New York client.  It is all 5/8" insulated glass for two doors and two side lights. Included is quite an assortment of wildlife and six somewhat hidden hunters.