IN CELEBRATION of 50 years in the priesthood, this  presentation piece was commissioned as a gift to Rev. Fredrick Frecking, the Bishop of the diocese of LaCrosse, WI.
The representational carvings in glass symbolize his office as well as important segments of his life in the church.
Etched Glass and Carved Glass Presentation Pieces, Trophies and Awards....
Custom crafted to represent meaningful moments in a persons life and career.
Etched glass and carved glass awards are custom made symbols of achievement.
THE LAIRD FELLOW etched glass presentation piece created for the Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield, WI., is named after former Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, a native of Marshfield. The Laird research center was added to the clinic complex primarily by funding from private and corporate doners. Each contributor received one of these personalized awards.
GOV. SCOTT MCCALLUM  was presented with this etched and stained glass commemorative piece by the 4th grade class from the Kickapoo School district  in Viola, WI., on the day of his inauguration as Wisconsin's new Governor.
CONGRESSMAN STEVE GUNDERSON was given this large eagle that we carved in 1/2 in. plate glass. Commissioned by the Republican Party of Richland County, WI.
BEAUFORD T. ANDERSON, a native son of
Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, was the recipient of a Congressional Medal of Honor. A monument was dedicated to him in Soldiers Grove and on the day of the dedication, he was presented with this etched and carved glass testimonial by the American Legion.

DR. E.M.RANDALL retired from medical practice after a lifetime of service to the community of Boscobel, Wisconsin. He was presented this coffee table by his staff and friends. The top is carved and etched with the Hippocratic oath.
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WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES asked us many years ago to create etched mirrors for retiring Conservation Wardens in honor of their many years of dedicated service to the forests, fields, lakes and wildlife of Wisconsin and in upholding the laws of the state. Each etched mirror is personalized with the badge number of the warden.
The image shown here was created for retiring warden...badge #50. 
Wausau, WI 54403
U.S. GOVERNMENT employee Rosamond has been a dedicated worker for 64 years. Upon his retirement, the office dedicated a conference room to him and asked us to create a tribute to post outside the room. Rosie's portrait is etched on 12" X 24" X 1/2" plate glass and suspended in a walnut frame
THE SCHINDLER FAMILY ( of Terri Schindler Schiavo ) is the recipient of the Proudly Pro Life award for 2007 by National Right to Life in Washington, D.C.. This prestigious etched glass award has also been given to Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II. We are honored to create this.
glass, stained and leaded         glass, carved, etched, ornamental
COLOSSAL FOSSILS is a non-profit corporation formed in Wausau, Wisconsin, whose mission is to bring museum quality fossil exhibits to elementary schools and high schools  around the state and then beyond. These full sized reproductions of dinosaurs, many from the Black Hills Institute,  would be assembled on-site by company members and student volunteers all structured to be a complete learning experience for the entire school before, during and after each exhibit is at the school. 

Shown is our dimensional carving of a tyrannosaurus rex fossil on 3/8" plate glass which is used as a title on a table top exhibit of fossils. That is the lower jaw of a T-Rex on the table. YIKES!
WILMA EVERSON was the postmaster in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin for an amazing twenty-nine years. We were comissioned to create this stained glass tribute to her dedication to the service. I knew Wilma personally and was honored to create this stained glass hanging art piece.
RAPTOR EDUCATION GROUP, INC., a non-profit that cares for injured birds was the recipient of this donation at their Wings Over Wausau fundraiser. The eagle is dimensionally carved in 3/8" glass